Who Created Memes

It may seem weird for you to think about it, but in fact, the word “meme” was first coined not recently, but long ago, in 1976, when the Internet was not even introduced to the wider public as an idea. It first appeared in the book “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins who created a new word to explain how contemporary people use to spread the popular culture information.

Many years later, the concept of Internet meme was offered by another person, Mike Godwin, in 1993, in a printed edition “Wired”.

Who created memes? Nobody! In general terms, there is no creator of the concept of the meme as such, because meme as a concept was always present in human history and culture. It spread by the word of mouth, and funny stories and anecdotes are actually ancient memes that developed on the basis of real cases, mostly.

Back then, cool events, especially in cultural terms, were much fewer. People had fewer opportunities for communication, so the speed of spreading the memes back then was way lower. In addition, until the previous century, not all people were actually able to read even the most primitive information, let alone read newspapers, and they could not afford newspapers. So various scandals and sensations, especially in the cultural sphere, were enjoyed only by higher society.

The Internet changed it all. Now, people create or cause stories that become memes, create memes, spread them among friends or communities, and other people continue sharing the memes with the speed of light, figuratively. That is why it seems that memes are a phenomenon that has boomed recently, while in fact, it is not.

Neither Richard Dawkins nor Mike Godwin who took part, in some sense, in the history of modern internet memes, have not done anything additionally outstanding, so we cannot consider them creators of memes in any way. dawkins coined the term and the term was spread, this is all.

As for the real creators, anybody can become one and make a meme. Today, there are plenty of free websites and platforms, with ready to use blueprints and formats for the most popular types of memes.

So, if you think you know a hilarious joke or know a funny case that can be turned into a meme, do not hesitate to edit it and share with friends. Perhaps your meme will become the next “celebrity” on the Internet! Just make sure you use reputable and reliable platforms because this type of websites is always a bit spammy due to numerous ads.

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