How To Make A Meme With Your Own Picture

Making memes is a cool thing that many people like, and then thousands of other users enjoy those memes and share them all around the Internet. Some memes become super famous and people who create them become well-known as well. So you can try this activity as well and see how it eventually goes.

One of the easiest things is to use meme blueprints and samples. They are handy and can be used in the majority of cases. Most meme creators do this. However, sometimes you can bump into a really cool and hilarious picture that would make an awesome meme. In this case, you will definitely wonder how to make a meme with your own picture.

For making a meme with your own picture, all you need is just a website that offers such a service, preferably free of charge. Let’s be honest, it makes no sense in paying for a service that you will use for 5 minutes. So make sure you find a good but free service unless you are planning to make own memes on a regular basis.

In case you would like to learn how to make memes with your own pictures and do it often, what you need is a good website with a sign-up. They will offer you service in exchange for a sign-up and will send you promotional emails, but you are not obliged to buy anything from them.

On the other hand, totally free services seem to be more convenient, but you have to understand that each website has to earn money somehow, and if they do not sell anything to their visitors, it means they can send you spam, or upload malware to your device without you being aware, or collect your private data for selling it later to the third parties. So it is better to avoid totally free platforms.

To make a meme with your picture, you just need a picture and a website. That is all. Most of such websites have a simple drag and drop design. Here is the list of resources you can use:

  • Kapwing – this is a custom meme generator that offers lots of features for editing.
  • Imgflip – another popular platform for generating memes. The advantages of it are it is really fast and mobile-friendly.
  • PicMonkey – strictly speaking, PicMonkey is a paid photo editor. However, it offers free service for sign-up and has features for making memes.
  • Makeameme – as the name suggests, this one is specifically for creating meme pictures and gifs. It offers drag and drop, captions, and additional features, and also there is an application for a mobile device available.

Now you know that it is insanely easy to create a meme with your own picture or photo. Choose a website for this and have fun!

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