How To Draw Memes

People like memes, they like to enjoy memes and actually to create them as well. Many users are wondering how to start creating their own memes, to make dialogues with friends funnier, or to increase engagement of visitors of their pages in social networks.

When memes only appeared, the creators used to draw them, sometimes manually somewhere in primitive programs like Paint. However, today, memes are created, or generated, on special websites and platforms. There are even applications for memes generation on mobile devices.

If you really want to create memes, with your own photos, or with other images, just find a decent generator for this. If you google “how to draw memes”, you will still find more instructions on creating them with the help of apps rather than on drawing.


The Most Popular Platforms For Meme Generation

These are applications you can download on your smartphone and create the best memes you can think about without even the need to switch to your PC or laptop. You can literally make memes while commuting to the office or waiting in a queue:

  • GATM Meme Generator – this is an app for Android. One of the pros is the ability to quickly share the file.
  • 9GAG – also Android application, the size of the file varies with the device, but overall pretty handy.
  • Memedroid – as it is obvious from the name, this app is also for Android, and the best part of it is that you get access to a big community of meme lovers, and also to the library of gifs.
  • Simple Meme Generator – another similar software, but it gives more options in editing colors and fonts.
  • Mematic – this soft is for iOS, and one of the best features is a nice search option.
  • Meme Factory – application for iPhone, that offers regular updates of meme templates and forms.
  • Memes Generator and Meme Creator – two in one app for iOS that also offers cool stickers similar to Telegram.
  • Meme Generator – a different iPhone mobile application with more than 500 memes and captions of pretty decent quality.

You can also look for websites and online platforms to create own memes. These resources provide more options and different advanced features, and obviously, the search is more convenient on larger resources. However, if you want to have access to a cool library of memes and a quick meme generator all the time, it is better to use mobile applications. They are handy, easy and quickly updated, and have a user-friendly design, which is often not the case with primitive generating platforms.

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